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Elixir Icons
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This is a closed membership community, but you're free to friend and unfriend this journal whenever you'd like.


Comment: Let me know if you're taking any and what icons you're taking. Even if you're not taking any, let me know if you like them. Everyone needs an ego boost now and then.

Credit: I can't stress this enough. No matter which icons you're taking, whether they be a songset, a humour icon, whichever, please comment either "more_than_us" or "elixir_icons" in the keywords for that icon. It's just wrong not to.

Requests: I do take requests, though I can't promise they'll always be done right away. If you'd like a certain picture, please either send it to me at muppet@adelphia.net or give me a link to it.

Alter: Only bases are to be altered. Any icons with text on them (or unless otherwise stated) are not to be altered in any way.

Share: Unless it's a specific request (text, effects, the whole shebang), it will be shared with others.

DO NOT HOTLINK. This steals the bandwidth from my site. Find out about bandwidth and bandwidth theft here and here.



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I also do screencaps, located here. Just follow the rules.