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The Disappearicons 50 Binge (part two)!

So. A little while ago I signed up for this binge hosted by disappearicons and, of course, decided to have Blur as my subject. I didn't get started right away, and that's where I screwed up. Because when I got home today at four, I checked my friends list and realised I'd forgotten to even start. So what did I? Spent the next six hours eating, drinking (iced tea sometimes, alcohol at others) and churned out fifty of what I think are quality icons. Some I'm not completely happy with, but over all I think they all turned out rather well.

I'm just happy I was able to get this thing finished.

The usual applies:

:: Comment if you're taking
:: Credit elixir_icons
:: Textless icons are not bases

01. 02. 03. 04. 05.
06. 07. 08. 09. 10.
11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
21. 22. 23. 24. 25.
26. 27. 28. 29. 30.
31. 32. 33. 34. 35.
36. 37. 38. 39. 40.
41. 42. 43. 44. 45.
46. 47. 48. 49. 50.


god damon is beautiful!

I'm taking a few ! :-)
Just remember to credit elixir_icons in the keywords ;)
love these. snagged a few - will credit!
thanks very much! i'll credit if i use them.
You are the best!! I will definitely credit, my mate.
those are fab! did you use any particular website for those pics?
Not really. The music videos shots (except for "Beetlebumb" and "For Tomorrow") came from my own screenshots here. The rest were randomly gathered from blur_daily, britishboys, deathofaparty and Damon-Albarn.com.

And thanks!
*Beetlebum, even
wow! these are fantastic!

i also really love your current icon! it's really funny!
That icon would be the work of boooon.
whats the lyric quote from 28?
No quote, just random text that popped into my head. Well, it could be a quote, but if it is I've not heard it.
um. thank you x 9235879238571237598671263598761235124916498174981274124!!!!!!

sorry, i'd make a better comment, but i'm overwhelmed with damon-ness and can't form sentences at the moment. :)

but i'm probably going to take one, so THANKS SO MUCH! they're all lovely!!
ooh, i love them :) i'm taking one and i'll credit!
Wow, you really did a good job. I'm taking a bunch, will credit! Thank you!! ♥
Wow, they're all AMAZING! I've taken #9.
Ooh! I have number fifty, simply grand!

omg, they are ALL brilliant! Taking a bunch, will credit :D
blur = life.

love them. nice work :)

dunno which ones i'm taking...i'm bookmarking this page though.
oh my god oh my god oh my god
I added to memories, these are so neat!
These are lovely! I'll be certain to credit. :)
Gooooooood God, these are wonderful. I will quite indefinetly be taking some.

i took ayumi step you caps.....i'm dumb for not finding the proper place to comment this o.O

THANKS SO MUCH though!! >.
My God these are incredible. Taking quite a few.
i took about half of these. simply gorgeous.
taking 6, 29, 33, and 45. danke!
Taking #12 and #13, thank you!
Just stumbled across these, they're brilliant. Going to snag a few for sure. Cheers. :)
taking #4 alex! <3
will credit
Snagging #4 and 31, will credit. Awww the nostalgia. :) xxxx
taking 9, 21 and 49 for later use/msn use. will credit. fab work; thanks loads. :)
also taking 34.
thanks again!
snagging a few shall credit
Soo pretty! Taking a few...might you have a Blur-esque Friends Only Banner tucked away somewhere?
Thank you!

And I don't have any lying around, but I might be persuaded to make some. Any specific pictures?
Thanks so much, but someone actually JUST made me one which I adore...if you check out my page you can see it. It is perfection! :)
Took #14, will credit. Thanks!
thanks, i took a few and credited them too. :)

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