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icons100 Challenge: Berlin, Berlin

Because I am a glutton for punishment, I applied at icons100 to make 100 icons for the German TV series, Berlin, Berlin.

I’ve finally arranged them into a neat little table below the cut for easier access. New icons will be added as they are made.

01. Alone

02. Companionship

03. Artist’s Choice

04. Artist’s Choice

05. Artist’s Choice

06. Artist’s Choice

07. Smile

08. Artist’s Choice

09. Artist’s Choice

10. Artist’s Choice

11. Embrace

12. Artist’s Choice

13. Hope

14. Hush

15. Artist’s Choice

16. Artist’s Choice

17. Rain

18. Reminisce

19. Artist’s Choice

20. Artist’s Choice

1. Allein - Alone
3. Frei - Free
4. Freunde - Friends
5. Geht nicht - Won’t work (in a certain context, of course)
7. Laechle - Smile
10. Vetter - Cousins
12. Nicht fair - Not fair
15. Jetzt oder niemals - Now or never
16. Kann nicht gut sein - Can’t be good
20. Spinner - Psycho (again, in certain context, i.e. Du spinner or Du spinst)

And just for the record? I hate tables.


Oh my gosh, yay! These are great! I can't wait to see the rest. :)

Where on earth did you get caps? Is it out on DVD?
*whacks self in the head* I feel like such a dork! I just saw your image resources listed in your post. Sorry. :|
Hey, no problem. These things happen. It's easy to overlook things, especially when you're focused on the icons ;)
That was exactly what happened. I saw Lolle and was so excited that I didn't bother to read anything. I do that all the time!

I'm minoring in German and we watched the show in my last semester but we only watched the first season and I'm dying to watch the rest! I'll be studying in Germany next summer and I suppose I can get them while I'm there but I don't have an all region DVD player. I keep hoping that they'll release it over here too.

I have a question for you though. Sven and Lolle are first cousins, right? How could that whole relationship work?

Oh and I think I am going to take one but I haven't decided which one yet. I'll let you know which one. :)
It's out on DVD in Germany, but if you live in the States the only way you can watch them is if you buy a regionless DVD player. Which is exactly what I plan on doing. Heh.

And thank you! This subject has me so excited I can't stop making them :D
i pretty much adore lole...
thanx for making these.
It was my pleasure, believe me :)
I absolutely love Lolle!
#1 + 7.
Great job, thanks a bunch!
As do I. Felicitas Woll makes it so hard not to love Lolle.

Thank you and you're welcome!

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