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Nov. 7th, 2005

spn // frontierland // dean 2


Dawn of the Dead (2004) - 31/100

Yet another icons100 challenge. This time it's for Dawn of the Dead, the 2004 version. There are a few with blood and gore behind the cut, so consider yourself warned.

Dawn of the DeadCollapse )

Oct. 15th, 2005

spn // frontierland // dean 2


The Disappearicons 50 Binge (part two)!

So. A little while ago I signed up for this binge hosted by disappearicons and, of course, decided to have Blur as my subject. I didn't get started right away, and that's where I screwed up. Because when I got home today at four, I checked my friends list and realised I'd forgotten to even start. So what did I? Spent the next six hours eating, drinking (iced tea sometimes, alcohol at others) and churned out fifty of what I think are quality icons. Some I'm not completely happy with, but over all I think they all turned out rather well.

I'm just happy I was able to get this thing finished.

The usual applies:

:: Comment if you're taking
:: Credit elixir_icons
:: Textless icons are not bases

She's your gun...Collapse )

Sep. 12th, 2005

spn // frontierland // dean 2


(no subject)

Extremely random collection as I've only had time to do a few icons here and there. As always, comment, credit, share.

+(13) Charmed
+(4) Tim Roth
+(2) Blur/Damon Albarn
+(1) Trainspotting
+(1) Chiaki Kuriyama

It will never stop being fun!Collapse )

Aug. 29th, 2005

england // the gates


Icon Awards

Here I'll be housing my meager collection of icon awards. I've only recently begun contributing to challenges, so my collection really is rather meager. But here's hoping I can add at least one more in the next week.

Behold! BannersCollapse )

Aug. 5th, 2005

spn // frontierland // dean 2


icons100 Challenge: 28 Days Later...

Well, this was unexpected. I was just approved to make icons for 28 Days Later... over at icons100. Insane. So before I head off to bed, I figured I’d post the first five I made. Along with my sorry excuse for a banner made at 11:30PM when I need to be awake tomorrow at 6:30 for C++.


5/100Collapse )

Jul. 30th, 2005

spn // frontierland // dean 2


icons100 Challenge: Berlin, Berlin

Because I am a glutton for punishment, I applied at icons100 to make 100 icons for the German TV series, Berlin, Berlin.

I’ve finally arranged them into a neat little table below the cut for easier access. New icons will be added as they are made.

20/100Collapse )

And just for the record? I hate tables.

May. 1st, 2005

spn // frontierland // dean 2


7 Breedism Icons

Alright, a little backstory on these.

Three days after my 19th birthday last year, my beloved dog, Duke, passed away at the age of 12. Eleven days after, we went looking for a new dog (it really does get lonely and our greyhound became very depressed). We found an ad for a five-month-old female boxer/lab mix. Upon meeting her, we fell in love, renaing her Moony and taking her to her forever home that very day. When my father came home that night, he realised Moony did not, in fact, look like a boxer/lab. She looked like a pitbull mix.

Sure enough, my dearest Moony was a pitbull. But how could she be? She was so sweet, so loving. I immediately began doing research and stumbled upon hounds_of_hell, an accident I am forever grateful for because suddenly I realised, these dogs are not vicious. They're family pets. They're protectors. Vicious dogs? My dog is afraid of plastic bags and the vaccuum cleaner.

Frm hounds_of_hell, I discovered breedists_no, a community against the unfair discrimination of "bad breeds" (dobermans, rottweilers, german shepherds, akitas, chows, american pitbull terriers, staffordshire terriers, etc).

So what is breedism? Well, it's a little like racism and sexism, but against specific breeds (to state the obvious). If you peruse the entries in hounds_of_hell, petbulls and breedists_no, you'll find articles blatantly flaunting the idiocy of the media and the "breedists" who believe that no bad breed is safe. They are ticking timebombs.

Ask any proper pitbull owner and they'll tell you that these dogs are just big teddy bears with big teeth.

Now the original point of my post. I've finally decided to make anti-breedism, pro-pitbull icons (other breeds to come soon). Some are of my Moony and some are taken from GettyImages, but all of them are just of sweet pitbulls. They're not artistic, they're not spectacular and the focus of them is the text, so don't expect anything spectacular in the way of icon-making.

They who are owned by a pitbull are the luckiest among usCollapse )

See? Not the best. But they're cute, right? I mean, come on. It's a pitbull in a tutu!


I shall be making more tomorrow when the call of Pacino movies is not as strong.

Apr. 30th, 2005

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Full Icon Tutorial: Chiaki Kuriyama

Alright, first icon tutorial, so be gentle if I'm not clear enough. Just let me know and I'll fix it up pretty-like.

Today we're going to be going from

this: to this:

using PS7.

Pretty basic tutorialCollapse )

Final product is up for grabs. Just make sure to credit elixir_icons.

Dec. 22nd, 2004

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Disco Pigs Bases: Part One: "Once Upon A Time"

Yes. Disco Pigs. Finally.

Seperated into chapters. Thirteen of Chapter One: "Once Upon A Time." Very simple because, quite frankly, I thought they were beautiful on their own without me slaughtering them.

...before there was any blueCollapse )

Dec. 21st, 2004

spn // frontierland // dean 2


16 Emilie Autumn bases

A few Emilie Autumn bases.

Rose red, rose red, shall I ever see thee wed?Collapse )

If you've not heard of her, I highly suggest you go to Emilie Autumn's official site and download Enchant.

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